Component 1: Rapid Evaluation Program

In this portion of our website you can quickly and efficiently record simple outcomes in recipients of convalescent plasma for COVID-19 treatment outside of a trial. The information we request upon patient enrollment contains no identifiers and will be returned to you in summary form whenever you like. This evaluation program does not interfere with any other patient follow-up protocol at your institution or anywhere else which will undoubtedly contain many more variables. We plan to aggregate the data from this Component 1 evaluation program across centers nationally to answer the simple question of whether treated patients in different stages of illness are getting better or not, and if so, how soon after treatment.

To ensure that data are only added to this website by the treating physician or his or her designee, we do need you to create a password as the first step. From then on, please follow the simple instructions; the 3 minute explanatory video below may be helpful.

Enrollment form for clinicians